I am Cahlean (ca-lean) and I'm the photographer behind Althea Moon Photography. 

Why the name Althea Moon? 
-- Frankly my first name is kind of tough to spell. If I were to say "Hello, I'm Cahlean!" you brain would instantly look through its list of known names and go "Oh, hello Colleen/Coleen!" And that would have you end up in who knows where in the internets. Eeek!

Enter in Althea. Classic, unique, memorable. And who doesn't love the moon and the mystery it holds? The two merged seamlessly.

And how did I come across the name Althea in the first place?
Meet the real Althea - we first met in 2011 at her 1 year birthday 🙂

Name aside, some fun things about me.

-- I love dogs and am owned by two
-- Fall and summer are my two favorite seasons
-- Photography has been part of my life since I was knee high to a grasshopper (which means I was teenie weenie or that was one BIG ass grasshopper!)
I'm not a huge chocolate lover (gasp! I know right!?) but I will nom the heck out of a bag of Lindor truffles... drool!
-- Photography is not my only creative passion - I also draw and write stories